About the Device

The CanTracer device is a universal multi-functional device that runs both "on the table" and in the car to perform various tasks. This device, whose development took more than six months, complements the functionality of the CanTracer program, and also has some independent functions.

Currently, the basic firmware of the CanTracer Device allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Within its "Gateway" function the device allows to connect to the "comfort data bus" ECUs without using additional ECUs or the car. More details on this feature can be found on our youtube channel.
  • High-speed stand-alone logger on SD card for data collection from both FT-CAN and HS-CAN. This function allows to place the device in the car and record all CAN bus messages accessible to the device. It is possible to monitor both HS-CAN and FT-CAN. The output data will be saved on the SD card (SD card adapter not included) in the CanTracer log format.

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CAN Tracer Device Guide
The device can be powered by Micro-USB or - depending on a specific situation - by a 12 volts power source.
In the photo, the power connector is marked as “12V Input Power”.

The device can operate in the following modes:

Switching between the operating modes is carried out by installing jumpers in a certain position, after which it is necessary to restart the device (turn off the power, then turn it on). The operating mode will be changed after the reboot of the device.
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You can purchase the device or ask any questions by sending a message through this feedback form.