Why is it that the device won't switch to the required mode after replacing the jumpers?

The jumpers switch modes only at the time of launching the device, when they receive the power. If you replace a jumper after the start, this will not change the mode. To change the mode, replace the jumper and restart the device - in this case the mode will change.

What is the cost of the device?

The cost of the device is 7500 rubles (excl. the cost of the SD card adapter). You can purchase the device by sending a message through our feedback form.

Why is the device not detected on PC as an external data storage?

The device is recognized as an external data storage only in the Bootloader mode (the jumper is set to "SDCARD ON") when it has a properly functioning SD card.

When supplying power by Micro-USB, the device won't write data. Why?

When supplying power by Micro-USB, keep in mind that not all ports can yield sufficient voltage, thus you need to find an active USB-hub with proper one. In case of inadequate voltage (e.g. 4.5V), the device may show various malfunctions, due to the fact CAN Tracer and other elements are extremely demanding on voltage, and a loss of 300-400 mW can be critical for them.